Onion Drying Process

Onion originated in Western Asia, it is widely cultivated both in China and abroad. It has the medicinal effects of lowering blood pressure, refreshing the brain, relieving pressure and preventing colds. It is a vegetable with high nutritional value. Daily storage after harvest will make it mildew, so we can use our onion dryer machine to dry it. Before drying, western medicine uses our washing machine, slicing machine and so on to preliminary processing.


1.Materials selecting and peeling

Choose the perfect fruit with good shape, no mildew and no wormhole when selecting materials, and use artificial to go out the outer skin of onion.


Washing and removing dirt from the outer epidermis to ensure the healthy and clean of the drying results


After washing, we can using our slicing machine to slice onions, increase drying area to quickly achieve better drying effect.


When blanching, the material can be immersed in the prepared solution for color protection treatment, consistent with the activity of onion enzymes, to protect the color and taste of onions.

5.Air drying

After blanching, we can uses our air dryer to blow the rinsed material, so as to avoid the influence of excess moisture on the drying effect.


The material is evenly placed on the tray in the drying room. Before the material is immersed in the drying room, the preheating temperature is up to 60 ℃, the drying temperature is controlled at 58-60  ℃ for 6-7 hours, and the moisture content is less than 5%.

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