Bubble Washing Machine

Bubble Washing Machine
Product description
 Panorama of bubble washing machine

In order to achieve better and healthy drying effect, materials need washing or peeling, so we produced 2 kinds of washing machine, one of them is bubble washing machine, which used high pressure spraying technology and can wash leafy vegetables and fruits, after washing, materials are healthy and clean.

Machines features and parameter
 Features and parameter of bubble washing machine

1.Use bubble roll, brush and spray technology to clean the material to a large extent.

2.Save water, electricity and time, wash and hygienic, do not damage products.

3.Food grade material, healthy and environmental protection, strong and durable, good washing effect.

Working principle
 Working and operation steps of bubble washing machine
Widely used
 Widely used of bubble washing machine
Customers site
 Customer site of bubble washing machine

Our washing machine are loved by many customers, which can wash kinds of fruits and leafy vegetables, and have high washing effect, materials are healthy and clean.

Company profile
 Customers of bubble washing machine

Our bubble washing machine sold to overseas as matching machine of dryers, they are with high quality and simple operation, if you need food processing machine, Lantian is a good choice for you.

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