Cold Storage

Cold Storage
Product description
Panorama of cold storage

After some materials harvesting, they need to be refrigerated or frozen because the ordinary storage method will make the material moldy, causing great losses to the merchants, so we produced cold storage, it can suitable for vegetables, fruits, meats and so on.

Structure diagram and parameter
Structure diagram and parameter of cold storage
Working principle
Microcomputer of cold storage

Our cold storage works through a series of complex evaporative and endothermic refrigeration, providing the refrigeration room with the necessary air for refrigeration. The machine is controlled by a microcomputer, which can adjust the temperature required for refrigeration, freezing or preservation of different materials.

Effect display
Widely used of cold storage

Temperature of cold storage can be adjusted to meet customer's vegetable preservation, meat and seafood freezing effect, refrigeration effect is good, very popular and loved by everyone.

Machines features
Machines features of cold storage
Machines details
Machines details of cold storage
Customers site
Customer site of cold storage

Our cold storage have wide application, and have various models are available for you to choose from, they sold to many countries and received widely praised.

Our customers
Customers of cold storage

Our machines are designed by staff, which have good quality and stable performance, many customers from different countries come to our company and purchase, if you need food processing machine, we are a good choice for you..

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