Shrimp Drying Process

Shrimp is a famous sea food with high nutrition and edible value, after being fished out of the sea, they can drying by our shrimp dryer, and keeps edible value well, before drying, thy need many processing.



Fresh and vigorous shrimp should be selected before drying, so as to ensure that the dried shrimp has natural light color, luster, delicious meat and fragrant smell.



After removing the sediment impurities, the prepared shrimp is cooked by blanching machine in time, and the salt, which accounts for 6-8% of the weight of the shrimp, is sprinkled into the shrimp. The color of the shrimp can be changed from green to red in the steaming time. At this time, the shrimp is easier to peel.


Shrimps can be dried with shells or shelled for drying shrimps. After blanching, it is evenly spread on the drying plate, loaded into the material truck, and then sent into the shrimp drying room. It is advisable to set the temperature at a moderate high temperature of 50 -- 70 ℃ for about 4 hours, and the water content is suitable at 18%.
In the drying process, it is generally required to have a slightly larger circulating air volume and a relatively high wind speed to avoid water vapor staying on the surface of dried shrimp and bacterial growth.

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