Kelp Drying Process

Kelp is a kind of seafood with high nutritional value, and also contains high medicinal value and trace elements needed by human body. After harvesting, it can be dried by our kelp dryer. Before drying, it needs multiple processing technologies such as blanching and washing, in order to achieve better drying effect.


1.Blanching and Salting

Put kelp in the blanching machine and boil it at 90 - 99 ℃. After blanching, Cooling kelp and mixing salt, and salt consumption is 40% of fresh kelp.


The pretreated kelp is washed three times in our washing machine to ensure the salt content is controlled below 0.2%.


①set the drying room temperature at 45-55℃, and about 1 hour
②set the drying room temperature at 55-65℃, and about 45 minutes
③set the drying room temperature at 65-75℃, and about 45 minutes
④set the drying room temperature at 75-85℃, and about 1.5 hours
In drying, remove moisture from the dryer in time, so that the final moisture content of kelp can be controlled within 14%.

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