Cutting Machine

Cutting Machine

Product description

Panorama of cutting machine

In order to improve drying efficiency, some fruits and vegetables need slice or dice to increase drying area, for example, apples, eggplants, carrots and other materials, so we produced multi-function cutting machine, which can change blade tools to need slicing, dicing, cutting and so on, and the drying effect will be better and the drying time will be saved.

Machines parameter
Machines parameter of cutting machine
Working principle
Working principle of cutting machine

When machine is turned on, the tool starts to move, material is sliced or diced by the blade, and the effect of slicing or dicing is good, which can provide greater convenience for drying.

Effect display
Cutting effect display of cutting machine
Machines features
Machines features of cutting machine

1.The food value and nutritional ingredients of the material can be ensured intact.

2.The machine is equipped with adjustable legs and is easy to keep balance.

3. The tool rotation speed and slice thickness can be adjusted automatically.

Machines details
Machines details of cutting machine
Matters needing attention of our cutting machine
Successful cases
Customers of our cutting machine

We are multi-function cutting machine manufacturer, our multi-function cutting machines are carefully designed and developed by our staff, so we have the appearance patent, and due to the high quality and stable performance, we also passed ISO high quality certification and EU CE certification.

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