Herb Dryer

 Herb Dryer

Product description
Panorama of herb dryer

Lantian Brand mesh belt herb dryer can drying kinds of herbal medicines, like alfalfa and saffron, after drying by alfalfa dryer and saffron dryer, they can also preserve the value of medicinal materials after drying the materials, the nutritional value will not be lost, our machines are have stable performance and reasonable price, welcome new and old customers to come to buy.

Mesh belt dryer structural diagram and parameter
Structural diagram and parameter of herb dryer
Working principle
Working principle of herb dryer

Before these medicines materials drying with turmeric dryer machine, alfalfa dryer and saffron dryer, they need spread at the feed port and spread it evenly to make the drying more uniform, material is transferred from top to bottom under the action of the mesh belt and is dried by hot air circulation, the heat source in the drying room can be controlled by PLC intelligent control panel, and the speed of mesh belt can also be adjusted, which are have good drying effect loved by many customers.

Drying effect display
Drying effect of herb dryer
Machines features
Features of herb dryer
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Customers site
Customer site of herb dryer
Drying process
Drying process of herb dryer

These materials need wash after they were harvested, they need wash by washer, and our clicer machine can slice or dice them to improve drying effect, like turmeric. In order to ensure that the material will not lose the original color and medicinal properties after drying, it is necessary to use a blanching machine for pretreatment to ensure a better drying effect.

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Customers of herb dryer

Our mesh belt dryer machines produced by Henan Lantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  are carefully designed and developed by designers according to market demand, they have a series high quality certification, if you need turmeric dryer machine, alfalfa dryer and saffron dryer, please contact our customers service online or send us inquiry, we are a good choice for you, looking forward your inquiries.

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