Sea Cucumber Drying Process

Sea cucumber is a kind of precious seafood with delicious taste and rich nutritional value. After fishing out of the sea, we can use our air energy heat pump oven drying room for drying and storage. After drying, I can keep its nutritional value intact. Before drying, we need to wash and cook to achieve better drying effect.



After fishing, we need to cut the sea cucumber artificially, remove the viscera and so on, and then use our sea cucumber washing machine to wash, after washing, to ensure the washliness and hygiene of materials.


Put sea cucumbers in a blanching pool with water temperature up to 90 ℃. Put the washed sea cucumbers in a pot for blanching, and stir them back and forth with tools to prevent uneven water temperature. After about 30 minutes, fish out sea cucumbers and mix in crude salt as appropriate.


Put the boiled sea cucumbers on the material tray, and the drying temperature can be set slightly higher. If customers need high quality or pure light sea cucumbers, try to use the cold air drying mode about 10-30 ℃ for 10 hours is suitable, the sea cucumbers are dried by cold air. They are dark and bright in color, well preserved in fragrance and have the special aroma of sea cucumbers.

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