Noodles Drying Process

Noodles are the staple food for daily consumption. Noodles can be dried in our air-energy heat pump oven drying room. After drying, noodles can be easily stored and not easily mildewed. When drying, suspension drying and swing drying can be selected.


(1) Cold air stripping

The wet noodles moisture content is high, which is easy to cause broken strips due to self-weight stretching. Therefore, the task of this stage is to remove part of the moisture from the surface of wet noodles, so as to fix its structure and increase its strength. The method of enhancing air flow is adopted to promote water evaporation. In this stage, room temperature is controlled at 20-30℃, strong ventilation, drying time is 15% of the total drying time, moisture content decreases from 32%-35% to 27%-28%.

(2) Moisturizing and sweating

The main purpose of this stage is to increase the internal temperature of noodles, and at the same time use higher relative humidity to limit surface vaporization while increasing the internal moisture transfer speed. In this stage, the temperature is 35 - 45℃, the relative humidity is 75% to 85%, and the moisture content decreases from 27% to 28% to 25%. When the temperature inside noodles rises, it can raise the temperature and reduce the humidity, so as to ensure a large amount of moisture removal. In this stage, the temperature is 45-50℃, the relative humidity is 55-60%, and the moisture content decreases from 25% to 16-17%.

(3) Temperature rise and humidity decrease

After several drying stages of noodles, most of the moisture in noodles has been removed. At this time, the temperature of noodles itself is higher. Therefore, the main purpose of this stage is to reduce the surface temperature. In this stage, we should pay attention to the cooling rate of evaporating a small amount of moisture by using waste heat. Generally, it is most reasonable to reduce the temperature by 2-3 minutes. Time accounts for 30% of the total time.

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