Papaya Drying Process


Papaya is astringent and can be used as Chinese medicine, and also has high nutritional value. After harvesting, it can be dried by our papaya dryer, before drying, it needs peeling and slicing to achieve better drying effect.



Before drying, we need choose the fruit with better ripeness and fix the papaya on the peeler with our papaya peeler, and the blade can effectively remove the skin of papaya and keep the pulp intact.

2.Slicing Blanching and Sugar Pickling

After peeling, materials need cut the papaya with a stainless steel knife and remove the seeds, and our papaya slicer machine can slicing materials, customers can adjust blade speed and material thickness when slicing according to their own needs, and blanch in 90-100℃water for 3-5 minutes, then remove and immerse in cold water for rapid cooling. After slicing, natural edible pigments of different colors were taken, and water was added to the dyeing solution respectively, and papaya slices were put into the dyeing solution, after the slices were colored, they were removed and drained, the colored slices were mixed with sucrose and marinated in a jar, and after the slices were soaked with water, sucrose was added to make the concentration of the sugar solution reach 40% or more, and then soaked for 48 hours.


Papaya slices are evenly spread on the tray of the drying room and dried at 60-65 ℃ for 18 hours. The system drains moisture continuously until the drying is completed.

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