Persimmon Drying Process

Persimmon fruit is rich in protein, vitamins and other minerals needed by the human body. After drying with our persimmon dryer, it can be made into snacks such as persimmon cakes, which is easy to operate. Before drying, the process of peeling, sulfur fumigation and astringency removal should be experienced.


1. Peeling

Fix the selected persimmon in our persimmon peeling machine, adjust the blade, pay attention to temperature, so that the peel is thin and thick.

2. Drying

(1) The temperature rises rapidly to about 50℃ and the drying time is about 12 hours. Take out the persimmon fruit, pile it up and cover for several hours to soften it, then knead the cake for the first time. When kneading the cake, the force should be moderate, so that the pulp can be kneaded and the skin can not break. Specific kneading methods are: holding fruit in both hands, kneading vertically and horizontally, and turning with kneading until the interior becomes soft and the persimmon core tilts askew.
(2)Put the pinched persimmon fruits into the drying room again, raise the temperature to 55℃ for about 15 hours, make the persimmon fruits dehydrate 35% quickly again, stop drying, take out the dried persimmon fruits, pile them up again, and knead the cake for the second time after softening, persimmon cake is basically shaped.

3. Sulfur fumigation and astringency removal


Persimmon fruit contains more tannic acid and has a large astringent taste, so they must be thoroughly de-astringent. Put the pinched fruits on the fumigation rack, sulphur is used for 1 g per kilogram of persimmon fruits. After 2 hours of fumigation, the seal is opened to let the smoke disperse naturally.

4. Secondary drying

The fumigated persimmon fruit was fully dried for 12 hours, and the temperature was maintained at about 45℃. At this time, the dehydration is relatively slow, and the moisture content after drying is about 35%.

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