Pitaya Drying Process


Pitaya is a famous tropical fruit, which contains rich medicinal and edible value. After harvesting, it can be dried by our pitaya dryer, and they keeps nutritive value intact, and also easy to store and make snacks. Before drying, it needs to go through various processes such as slicing and color protection.


1. Peeling and slicing


The shape of the outer skin of pitaya fruit is irregular, so they needs to be peeled manually. After peeling, we use our slicing machine to slice, so as to facilitate drying and other processes.

2.Color protection and hardening

The pitaya was immersed in the prepared solution to inhibit the activity of oxidase, prevent discoloration and reduce the loss of vitamin C. Then pitaya slices were soaked in 0.3% sodium sulfite solution for 5-10S, then blanched for 3-5 minutes in 90-100 ℃ water, then rinsed and cooled in tap water to remove the hardening and blanching residues.

3. Drying

When drying, pitaya slices are laid flat on the pallet to avoid stacking, so that the hot air circulation system can be efficiently dried. The temperature of the drying room is set to 55-75 ℃, and the time is about 16-20 hours, the moisture content of the material after drying is less than 13% is suitable.

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