Pear Drying Process

Pear is a very nutritious and high-value fruit, rich in nutrients, containing a variety of vitamins and cellulose, and has high medical value. After harvesting, it can be dried and preserved by our pear dryer machine, and its nutritional value can be well preserved. Before drying, it needs to be pre-processed by our washing machine and slicing machine.



Our pear washer can wash the soil and stains on the surface of the newly picked materials, so as to make the materials more sanitary and healthy in the subsequent drying process.


After washing, our slicer can slice pears and increase the drying area, the speed and thickness of the slicer can be adjusted according to the customer's own needs.


Our pear dryer machine belongs to the air-energy heat pump dryer with environmental protection and energy saving, when machines are working, the hot air circulation system circulates to dry the pear, and the drying effect is good. Before drying, the pear slices are evenly placed on the tray of the dryer, when machines working, start up switch, drying pear slices at 60 ℃ for about 18 hours. During drying, the moisture is continuously discharged and the quality is good.

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