Kiwi Drying Process

Kiwi has a good dietary fiber, which can not only reduce cholesterol, promote heart health, but also help digestion, prevent constipation, quickly remove and prevent the accumulation of harmful metabolites in the body. kiwi is very popular. It is dried with our kiwi dryer and stored and eaten. Before drying, cleaning and slicing are required.


1.Material selection

Choose the kiwi with intact fruit, no disease and insect, no damage should be selected as raw materials.


Before peeling, kiwi need peeling, kiwi has fine villi on its surface and its skin is not edible, so before drying and slicing, it needs to be peeled by our peeler.


After slicing, we can use our kiwi slicer machine to slice, which can improve drying effect by increasing drying area.
The drying temperature is controlled at 65-75 ℃, about 20-24 hours, and the moisture content of the finished product is less than 20%, the drying is completed.

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