Garlic Drying Process

China is a major producer of garlic, garlic contains many medicinal and health ingredients, which can protect the liver and regulate blood sugar, and garlic has many varieties and different dormancy periods. In order to ensure that the nutritional components of garlic will not be lost, we can use our garlic dryer machine to dry, so as to facilitate effective storage.


1. Peeling

The garlic epidermis can be removed by machine or man-made without damaging the intention, and then the insect-free materials can be selected manually.

2. Slicing

When slice garlic using garlic slicer machine should not be too thick, otherwise, slow drying efficiency will affect the quality, the thickness of garlic slice should be 1.5-2.5 mm.

3. Blanching

After slicing, there will be a lot of garlic juice on the cut surface, it needs to be blanched continuously with water to clean the juice and impurities in order to achieve better drying effect.

4. Drying

The garlic slices are evenly laid on the stainless steel material tray, and the temperature is controlled at 55-60℃ for 6-8 hours, the hot air and moisture discharge should be stable, the garlic slices can be dried until the moisture content is less than 4-6%. During drying, time and temperature should be strictly controlled to avoid excessive drying time and high temperature, which will damage the color, shape and nutritional value of garlic slices and affect the quality of garlic slices.

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