Matsutake Drying Process

Matsutake is a delicious edible mushrooms, and has high edible value. After drying with our matsutake dryer machine, it can be stored or made into snacks, which is nutritious and healthy. Our matsutake dryer machine has reasonable price, excellent performance and easy operation, which has been recognized and loved by customers in many countries, and before drying, and careful treatment is required before drying, and strict temperature and humidity are required during drying.


1. Pre-treatment

First peel off the soil and weeds on the mushrooms, carefully remove the sediment from the root with a ceramic knife or bamboo knife, and try not to use a steel knife, the steel knife will make the matsutake stain with fishy odor. Finally, the surface dust can be removed by brushing with water, don't soak matsutake, the matsutake must be dried within 6 hours after harvesting.

2.Control of Drying Temperature and Humidity

When the temperature rises to 35℃, the matsutake can be pushed into the drying room. When drying, the matsutake must be baked at low temperature first, and then the temperature gradually rises, about 1-3℃ per hour, the highest temperature should be controlled below 70℃, generally required to bake between 35-40 ℃ for 6 hours. At this stage, the baking should be full-load dehumidification, baking between 40-60℃ for 8-10 hours, while intermittent dehumidification, baking between 60-70℃ for 2 hours, moisture through time control dehumidification, not excessive dehumidification, the higher moisture content of matsutake, the need for low temperature conditions. The longer the baking time is, the longer the total time is about 16-18 hours. The water content after drying is less than 13%.

3. Checking

Press the finger on the junction of the mushrooms cover and the mushrooms stalk, if it only shows traces, indicating that the dryness is qualified, if the hand feels soft, the mushrooms fold also has a soft phenomenon, indicating that the moisture can not be completely discharged, need to continue drying, the performance of qualified dried matsutake is a special mushrooms fragrance, mushrooms fold is yellow, mushrooms fold upright and complete, matsutake the original shape, the mushrooms cover is round and flat, and keep natural color.

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