Fig Drying Process

Fig are a famous and high edible value fruits, before drying, they need washing or cutting, in order can achieve better drying effect.

Figs need to be heated and soaked in a well-equipped solution before drying. After about a minute, the figs are picked up and sprayed with high pressure in our cleaning pool to make the epidermis fall off.

Our fig dryer machine can drying the whole fruits and also can drying the cut figs, they need different temperature and times.
①When drying the whole figs, spread the fig evenly on the tray, temperature should controlled in 60-70 ℃, about 25-30 hours, the suitable moisture content is 14-15%.
② When drying the cut figs, spread the fig evenly on the tray, too. 
In period 1, temperature should controlled in 70-85 ℃, about 1 hour, to make the figs water is evaporated in a short time, and then humidity were controlled at 50% in last 4 hours; 
In period 2, about 8 hours, the temperature should within 60-70 ℃, slightly shorten the dehumidification time, humidity control is 30%.
In period 3, about 5 hours, the temperature should within 50-60 ℃, and the humidity continues to decrease to 10%.
During the whole process, the water content of figs decreased to less than 15% in about 18 hours.

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