Blueberry Drying Process

Blueberry is a delicious fruits, which have many nutrients that are beneficial to human health, after blueberry harvesting, blueberry can be dried by our box dryer machine, before drying, blueberry need washing, after washing, the skin needs to be pierced by machine or manual, so that the moisture contained can be evaporated in the drying room.



Blueberry is a small perennial shrub berry. Before drying, it is necessary to wash the dirt and soil from the epidermis with a washing machine to ensure the health of the material after drying.


2.Epidermis processing

After cleaning, the blueberry skin needs to be perforated or scratched with a knife to facilitate more effective volatilization of moisture in the blueberry during drying.



The drying process of blueberry takes up to 30 hours, temperature is suitable between 60~80℃, In the middle of the drying process, it needs to be standby, without moving the material out of the drying room, but the drying system is no longer heated, so that the waste heat in the drying room is recycled, so that the moisture of blueberry can permeate naturally in the drying room. After drying, materials nutrition and edible value keeps well.

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