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Pueraria lobata brings more cleaning and convenience to the medicinal material drying work of medicinal materials manufacturers

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Herbal medicine is a material that we often use in daily life. Pueraria is one of the many herbs that are often used by people. It has a strong anti-inflammatory and bonfire function. Like many herbs, Pueraria also needs to be stored dry, which is beneficial for long-term storage, and there will be no deterioration in the short term, reducing the loss during transportation. Many manufacturers choose to use the herb dryer machine for processing for their own work efficiency.
Pueraria lobata dryer
Our pueraria lobata dryer is made of food grade steel plate without deformation and rusting. The sealed box design does not require you to pay attention to a series of external factors such as weather, helping you to save a lot of energy. You only need to clean and slice the Pueraria and put it into the drying room. On the PLC control panel outside the machine, you only need the temperature and humidity. The machine will dry it yourself, and the dried radix will be affected. A lot of customer recognition.
Pueraria lobata dryer

Our herb dryer machine uses clean energy energy during operation, without any auxiliary fuel, and does not produce any environmentally harmful gases. In addition to our ability to dry a variety of herbs such as pueraria, our machines are also capable of drying a variety of materials such as fruits, vegetables and seafood that we consume daily. The machines are also recognized by our customers for their excellent characteristics. . If you need a dryer, please leave a message to us, our staff will reply you in the first time. 

Pueraria lobata dryer

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