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Lantian as a shrimp dryer machine supplier has been working hard to bring you a better machine

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There are many areas in the world that are coastal cities. Most of these countries have the most prosperous fishing industry, exporting seafood for their livelihood, in order to reduce the loss of seafood during the operation, and because of the improvement of our living environment, A variety of foods have gradually emerged and are loved by people. Many exporters choose to dry seafood and make it into popular snacks. Shrimp is one of them. In order to ensure the safety and hygiene of food, many manufacturers choose to use the shrimp dryer machine to complete the processing.
shrimp dryer machine supplier
shrimp dryer machine supplier
Lantian is a qualified shrimp dryer machine supplier, every machine produced is strictly controlled, and there is no quality problem. This machine is manufactured using 304 food grade steel plates without deformation and heat generation and the machine adopts a sealed box design. It uses electric energy during operation. Without any auxiliary fuel, you don't need to worry about the shrimp coming into contact with any bacteria during the drying process. The dried shrimp is color or The taste is very good.
shrimp dryer machine supplier

Compared with the traditional drying process, the dryer is more clean and convenient to use. The machine adopts intelligent control system. You only need to treat the shrimp into the drying room, on the PLC control panel outside the machine. Set the required temperature and humidity, the machine will dry on its own, there will be no over-drying phenomenon, no need for personnel to guard at all times, help you save a lot of energy. If you need a welcome dryer machine to give us a message, our sales staff will reply you in the first time. 

shrimp dryer machine supplier

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