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The excellent characteristics of the herb dryer make it easier to dry and store herbs

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Herbal medicine is the oldest way of health care. It plays an important role in ancient times. Today, with the development of medicine, there are still many people using herbs. We can see many Chinese herbal medicine shops on the street. In our minds, the herbs are stored dry, which allows the herbs to be stored for a longer period of time, and the hygienic condition of the herbs is taken into account in the drying of the herbs. Therefore, in order to improve their work efficiency, many manufacturers choose to use the herb dryer machine to complete the drying of herbs.
herb dryer
herb dryer
First of all, our herb dryer is made of food grade steel plate, which will not be deformed and rusted by water. Secondly, the machine adopts a sealed box design. The herbs will not be exposed to the outside air during the drying process. For any contact, you don't need to pay attention to changes in the weather, such as the weather, to help you save a lot of energy. The machine adopts intelligent control system, you only need to process the Chinese medicine into the drying room, set the required temperature and humidity on the PLC control panel outside the machine, and the machine will dry it by itself.
herb dryer
herb dryer

The machine is operated with clean energy and energy, does not produce any harmful gases, and does not contaminate the herbs during the drying process, ensuring the cleanliness of the herbs. If you need herb dryer machine welcome message to us, our sales staff will reply you in the first time, and will design the machine that suits you according to your production, site and size, and also have professional The staff will install it for you and let your machine be put into use in a short time. 

herb dryer

herb dryer

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